Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Happy New Year


year of the sheep

The Classical Chinese system of calendar dates completes a cycle every sixty years,
which is also five runs through the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac, 
the animal energies that rule the years)

This Spring I complete my fifth 12-year cycle.

Here are some of the events scheduled for this year.


January 6 – 31, 2015 


Recent Work by:
Mark Andres • Sharon Bronzan • Sally Cleveland • Arless Day
Karen Esler • Trish Grantham • Pamela Green • Jef Gunn
Chris Kelly • Jim Riswold • Sara Siestreem

Opening Reception for the Artists: 2nd Thursday, January 8 , 5–8 p.m.

June 1 - 30 2015

Dreaming of One and Two   (working show title)

Augen Gallery, Portland

Oils, encaustics, prints and photos. 
Same simple subject handled in various media and methods, 
from real-ish to profoundly simplified. 



Encaustic (intermediate)

Menucha Retreat and Conference Center 
In the Columbia Gorge
Second week of August 2015 (I think)

One full week. I've not taught at Menucha before, but they tell me it's like summer camp, with beautiful grounds, special people and great food.

Plein Air and the Dao of Seeing

Cascade Head, Oregon Coast
August 24 - 27      (Mon - Fri)
Mingle and Muse meeting with Terry Louie and me on Friday August 21 at 4:30

Terry's class on Chinese Calligraphy and Tai Chi precedes mine and would be an excellent way to ready oneself for my class, which turns to landscape painting out in the open from the place of a stilled mind. As still and open and alert as we can muster. Unpredictable paintings. Not necessarily what one might aspect from plain air painting.

Anticipated workshops, not yet scheduled

First Light Last Light 

Same class as advertised for summer of 2014 will be offered summer of this year, pending confirmation from host.

Please see the earlier bog post for more information. 

Painting the High Desert 

Four days at the Hotel Diamond in Diamond, Oregon, on the edge of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge and Steens Mountain. I miss painting out there and I think it's time to go back. 

Possible months under consideration :

Painting the Methow Valley

This would be a wonderful destination 4 - 5 day painting retreat out of the 
Methow Valley Inn in Twisp, Washington. The Methow is on the east edge of the North Cascades of Washington, and looking out to the Okanagan. It is stunning. Sunny, grand and high elevation. The hotel is geared to accommodate groups like our. 

This trip is under consideration for summer or fall.

Other News

New Website coming soon. Same URL. Similar yet expanded layout.

Also under consideration is a new website that would showcase my 
labors of deign, woodworking and finish carpentry.

Fence to keep the goats, Romeo and Juliet,
out of the circular herb garden.
(client: Toni Smith)

Stay tuned.

First Light Studio

Sheep photo courtesy of google search for Jacob Sheep, which have four horns. I first saw them in Scotland in 1979 walking the roads with a senior uncle, Geordy Dickson. If you are wondering why they are thus named, reread the book of Jacob in the Old Testament.
It has to do with how he got away with all his father in law's sheep.