Sunday, September 29, 2013

the show referred to in the previous post, of 33 minutes ago, took place in
September 2011



In September of 2013, a show of my encaustic paintings opened at Augen Gallery. Each of the paintings was a view onto landscape: mountain ridges or shoreline. Some were based on personal experience of that landscape, honed out of furtive memory. Others were based on an idea of a landscape. One came about through a disinterested exploration of forms; only toward the end of the process did a vivid sense of a particular landscape memory take hold in my mind. In a later posting I will explore these processes.
They are made with encaustic medium, paper and ink collage, gold leaf.

 Aquellas Alturas             33” x 66”

 Cape Falcon            21” x 28”

 Incoming Tide             24” x 36”

 No More Struggle             50” x 50”

Ocean Side I            10-5/8” x 13”

Ocean Side II            11” x 14”

Pillar Rock                         21” x 28” 

Rain Beach                         8” x 43”

Rising and Falling            24” x 36”

Show Statement

know the silence of things,
and the radiance of things.

the light of space;

and the ringing quiet of space.

mind meets the world;

mind and hand and

materials make

color and form.

lake as it is.

rock as it is.

if you interpret
explain, you miss.

just look; be

in your body mind

eye and just be.